Tazneens Story

It was the year of 1987 and as I pushed my one year old daughter down the high street in Oxford, I passed a shop called, “The Edinburgh Woolen Mill”. In the window was a beautiful stuffed rocking sheep. My heart fell in love with her, oh how the children would love her too! I must have this! I went into the shop and asked if it was for sale, “Sorry...” was the answer, a family had ordered it for Christmas and it was not for sale.

Time went by and as March came I found myself passing the same shop and to my surprise, the sheep was still there. Christmas had come and gone but the sheep had not done the same! I rushed into the shop to ask if it was now for sale again, the manager told me that the shop was closing down and everything was half price. The sheep from £200 had been reduced to £100, I looked in my purse but I only had £50. The manager looked at me and with a smile and asked, “How will you get it home?

“I will carry it,” I replied, to which he said,

“It’s yours for £50.”

I walked from the high street all the way home with a huge grin on my face and a large sheep in my arms, and I couldn’t believe my luck.

I had five children and was a child minder and many children have had the pleasure of riding the sheep. In 2006, she moved to Cape Town with my family. In 2011, as the children grew older she went into storage waiting for the time when my grandchildren would arrive. In 2017, by daughter-in-law became pregnant with my first grand child. I went into the garage to get the sheep out again and to my horror, found that the moths had been at her and the fleece had been eaten! My heart was broken and I asked around to find someone, anybody who could put her back together again. Then, as fate would have it, I was in Cavendish earlier this year and saw Michelle with her beautiful sheepskin work. After telling her my story and journey of the sheep, Michelle took on the task of bringing the sheep back to life to be enjoyed by the next generation of children.

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